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About us

We believe that understanding where you are in terms of your body’s health is the key to unlocking your full potential. How you weigh yourself is more important than what you weigh. By utilising our research grade, medically approved InBody Body Composition Analyser, we are able to accurately measure and track your results!


Our scanner, the InBody 770, is by far the most advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analyser available today, and is the first of its kind in New Zealand! Our scanner offers the most accurate, comprehensive and detailed report of any other machine on the market.


As a mobile business we will be at convenient locations all over the Bay of Plenty. You are welcome to attend one of the many mobile clinics that we offer at the varying locations every month. We can also organise a private consultation, just for you, at our fixed location at Aspire Health & Sports, located at 253a SH 2, Bethlehem, Tauranga 3110.


Body Composition

Improvements in your health and fitness requires the loss of any excess fat and an increase in muscle mass. Your body weight will not tell you anything about your body composition (how much fat and muscle mass you have).


In order to track your progress on a training program you should regularly check your body composition as your body weight and change in weight alone will not give you the information you need regarding your health status and fitness level.


Here are some important reasons why you should regularly check your body composition:


  1. 1. It will provide an individualised starting point to base your health and fitness goals.

  2. 2. It will tell you how much body fat you have and if you would benefit from fat loss.

  3. 3. It will tell you how much muscle you have and if you would benefit from resistance training to increase your muscle mass.

  4. 4. It will help you track your overall improvements in health and fitness such as your cholesterol levels, visceral fat levels, hormones, bone minerals, etc.

  5. 5. It helps your personal trainer/coach/nutritionist provide an accurate individualised nutrition and exercise plan for you.

  6. 6. It will provide your individualised progress meter that will tell you whether your nutrition and exercise plans are working.

  7. 7. It will aid in keeping you motivated when your body weight doesn’t change, by showing you your total fat loss and increase in muscle mass.

Guidelines for precise measurement with the InBody 770.

Follow these simple steps to ensure you are getting the most accurate scan each time.


1. The Analysis should ideally be carried out before exercise and on an empty bladder. Never scan immediately after exercise.

2. The Analysis should not be carried out in a space of two hours after a shower or the use of a sauna because heat and sweat causes a temporary change in conductivity within the body.

3. Wear minimal, comfortable clothing, ideally removing any items with metal zippers, snaps, fasteners, belts and underwire bras. Please also remove all jewellery where possible.

4. To effectively track and monitor results, subsequent testing should be carried out under similar conditions (i.e. similar clothing, testing time, before eating or exercising etc.).

5. It is important to note that body composition results will be affected in the case of pregnancy, breast augmentation, irremovable piercing, metal plates, screws, metal prosthetic joints or where a pacemaker , defibrillator or nerve stimulator are present. It is not advised to scan if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker.


If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know